Have you ever asked yourself what makes a team or organisation healthy? Or, what does it mean when we describe our workplace as healthy and life affirming? When working with others, how would you rate your effectiveness and resilience? We can help whether you are involved in the commercial, not-for-profit or government sectors. 

Rick's Space:

Random thoughts on 'stuff'.(eg. this 'messy' life, being pragmatic, etc.)

LivingTeams LLP
Our Inspiration:
Great things can be achieved when engaged people work together with purpose and creativity. 
We are not cogs in a machine or a resource to be managed.  We are alive with all the complexity and vibrancy that that entails.

Our Purpose: 
To support people working together to be effective, innovative and inspired - helping people to help themselves. This is not about management 'best practice' or the latest theories.  It's about working in the real world and understanding the key relationships, processes and beliefs that allow organisations to thrive in our complex, fast-changing and uncertain world.  (see Our Approach
, Reference Points)
The Need For Change: 
There are at least three reasons why we need new approaches for working together in teams and organisations:   (more......)

What We Do:

Working Directly with You
Living Teams provides individual and organisational support in three areas:  Learning, Development and Consulting/Coaching.

Ongoing Innovation & Ideas
Living Teams promotes a living systems approach that is always open to new ways of looking at things.  For example:

  - Holarchies
  - Relationship maps
   - Focus, structure and key relationships are in place - providing direction and support.
   - Key resources are effectively and efficiently managed.
   - Accurate feedback informs ongoing learning, innovation and creativity.
     (see Our Experience)