'...At Semco we spur people to question everything they hear - to undo, dismantle and restart every concept or instruction.  We don't do it to sow contention, but because more than once it has led to new opportunities for us.'

The Seven Day Weekend, Ricardo Semler
LivingTeams LLP
Why LivingTeams
Can you imagine what it would be like if we all could experience the magic of working together on something that is greater than the sum of the individuals involved?
The Need For Change: 

There are at least three reasons why we need a new approach for working together in teams and organisations:

1.  The increasing speed and complexity of the workplace, and the growing expectations of team members, is putting significant pressure on the ability of teams to be effective, adaptable and responsive.

2.  What constitutes a team or organisation is also changing. The make-up of a team is no longer constrained by the need for team members to be geographically close, 'belonging' to one organisation, restricted in numbers, or have an ongoing presence.

3.  Our current assumption that we can build people into a team or organisation, and then control them as we would a machine, is not working.  It is not working for:
This puts significant strain on the more traditional team approach of 'command and control'.  We now need a new way of working together.